Why does it always rain on me??

Yesterday started with half a pink grapefruit. Which was disappointing as it didn't taste great. I really like grapefruits, and other than that they are supposedly really for kick starting you metabolism, they remind me a lot of my Dad and Granny and using a special serrated knife to separate the pieces and having way too much sugar with them.
I then had some watermelon and avocado.

With some more melon late morning and an apple.
Lunch was a conbination of what looks seriously un-appetising but was actually really yummy. I mashed some avocado to make a sauce for my tuna, and then mixed in tomato, red pepper, beetroot and celery.
And then I had some (meaning a whole) pineapple and cinnamon that was so good I ate half while I was preparing it and then almost forgot to take a picture.
Before heading to the beach where it looked a little bit glum.
I only managed 30 minutes outside before it peed it down, so I sat in the car to read and look at the sea instead. Something about the water really calms me down and I love just being near it.
When I got home I had the best thing waiting for me. A letter from my Mummy. She had sent me some seeds to grow Cress-Heads with the boys, and to attempt growing Kale and Strawberries out here. I'm not sure it will work, but I am excited to give it a go!
For dinner I made another of my interesting combinations. Using randoms bits that are left at the end of the week. Chicken breast, with leek, broccoli and tomato, and some spice mix, that smelt curry-ish but the ingredients weren't including curry at all.. with avocado. Really good! 

I then went out to a karaoke night, which started off a bit rubbish, then in the middle got really good as it was full of English songs, and a good couple of Beyonce songs! Then it got bad again and was all Zouk music, which is Creole, and basically just sends you to sleep. It was good to actually put my face on and sort my hair out. Makes me feel like Josie, I'm not doing enough of that at the moment!

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