Beachy Sunday

A day late as I've had not great internet...! I always wake up before everyone else, which is great when we're at home/somewhere more than just staying the night, as it means I have breakfast nice and early. However, yesterday, after going to bed without dinner, I woke up super hungry.. and there wasn't anything I could have for breakfast.
So I found some Belvita biscuits.
And a fruit puree. Not great, but I had to eat.
The downside to waking so early is that when everyone else is having their breakfast at 11.30, I'm hungry and pretty much ready for lunch. However, still no food, and Sunday's here shops are closed. So when breakfast was brought from the local patisserie and consisted of pain au chocolat's, croissants and other pastries I chose a croissant and cherry jam.
I hadn't known the plan for the rest of the day had been to go to the one shop that would be open and then go to Îlet du Gosier.
So as a very late lunch I had carrots, some rotisserie chicken, roast almonds and a golden delicious apple.

We then headed back to Elsa's to get our stuff, to come to where we will be staying for the next month. I knew dinner again would be a tricky situation, so I had a packet of belvita biscuits and another apple about 7pm, and headed to bed about 10pm when we had arrived and brought our bags inside. 

I really want to be back at the house again, I feel like I am going a bit crazy. But I have to tell Estelle that I don't mind as I know she is already feeling bad enough about all the moving.

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