Run Down Wednesday

Despite having such a great start to the day with a really positive weigh-in, I have the flu. I don't get ill very often, but whn I do it tends to be a few things all at once.
After 2 nights with very little sleep, I wante something super simple for breakfast, so had some nutty granola. Not ideal, but half clean.
For lunch I had left over Ratatouille.
Every Wednesday I am allowed a choice mea/lsomething off plan. I am going to be really strict about the day, I need structure. I was going to have a piece of the boys Nutella pizza we made the other day, but after a little bite it wasn't great so  the boys finished that off instead.
And I made a microwave cookie. Pinterest is dangerous for giving me all sorts of ideas. It was nice, but feeling so rotten nothing tastes great and I ended up not finishing it and binning the rest. 

I actually fell asleep before dinner and have only just woken this morning. Feeling much better for sleeping but still pretty groggy. I never go off food but right now I'm not really fussed! Boiled eggs and banana it will be!

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