Thursday 14th August

So after weighing for the first time in months and having a horrible shock I went off for a run. I am still shocked that not only is my average not worse than it was last year, but it was even better today (I had planned to run anyway, I knew I would get a shock!). 
Breakfast was an omelette with 2 eggs, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and onion. 
Lunch was a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, red pepper, sweetcorn and a traditional Creole dressing with aged ham and homemade duck pâté.
Everyone is out this evening so I got to cook dinner just for me. I miss cooking just to make me happy! 

Tuna Steak
Tomato sauce- puréed tomatoes, onion, garlic, tapenade, green olives and broccoli.

I also had snacks of a banana, an apple and 2 nectarines. 

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