Beginning of the Summer Holidays

 After Lucy left I carried on doing the 30 day Shred. Half way through her stay we moved to stay at friends of of the family's for 2 weeks. This was great as the day after Luce went back to the UK the summer holidays started. Staying at the apartment meant we had our own private beach and swimming pool so entertaining the boys was super easy!!!

In the mornings our activity would be 30 Day Shred to get them burning off some of the crazy amount of energy they have.
My Mum is amazing and sent over quite a few children's craft magazines so we had plenty of glueing and sticking to do.
 Before burning off more energy down at the pool in the afternoons.

Although a certain little man sometimes couldn't hack it and once fell asleep in such an uncomfortable place in bright daylight- he normally won't sleep unless it is dark. He did have his Sniffy though! (I have a Sniffy for as long as I remember and am not ashamed of it, so Ed's blanket has become known as his Sniffy, I love that!)
 I always thought I didn't like real sushi as the idea of raw fish put me off but it is now pretty much my favourite thing to eat. I can't get enough, whether it is sushi or tartar I love it! So it is grea
 Ed was a little bit poorly and after a routine check up at the doctors we spent the day in hospital having blood tests as his chesty cough didn't explain why he'd had such high temperatures. He actually looks like he should be in hospital in this picture.. but the rest of the day he was jumping around doing his usual "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" and the nurses loved that he didn't seem to care that he was in hospital!

The blood tests all came back fine and they sent us home. I guess they just like to check things to be on the safe side with babies.

To say thank you to the family friends for letting us stay in their apartment the boys made a thank you card and biscuits (with just a little bit of help from Josie)
We then moved to stay at some other friends house, where we were for only a few days before spending a week in Marie Galante, a little island off of Guadeloupe.

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