Whoops! Missed a day!

The last couple ofdays have been pretty unsettled. The weekend was crazy and I really had no idea what was going on. I then felt really uncomfortable when we first arrived at the flat we are going to be staying at for the next month. Mainly due to having no outside space and that there was no AC. At this time of year that's not good as there are so many Mosquitos, and I had only just stopped being bitten! But 2 full days later and I'm feeling much better, although I haven't been perfect the last few days, now I feel more settled I will be 100% and not make anymore excuses.
Before going to do the shopping yesterday there was nothing clean to eat, but luckily I remembered I had left over almonds from the beach on Sunday so they were my breakfast.
Nicely stocked up, lunch was broccoli, a dry-fried egg and avocado.  With a naughty afternoon snack of one of the Princes biscuits the boys were having.
For dinner I made salmon in a brown bread crust with cheese, garlic, lemon and mixed herbs for everyone else. But I just had mine baked in red onion, tomato and lemon with carrots and brocolli.
First thing this morning I had some walnuts, with breakfast being half a tomato and broccoli scrambled with 2 eggs and some avocado. 
Late afternoon while I was preparing dinner for tonight and for our lunches to take to the beach I discovered something amazing. Banana and peanut butter (100% peanuts). I think this combination could be a little dangerous so will be a treat.
I made a salad with tuna, tomato, red onion, red pepper, beet root and avocado with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to take to the beach (can you tell I am loving avocado season!)

Although I was really bad at the beach, I had a small Sorbet au Coco - a traditional, Guadeloupian ice cream. Coconut, coconut milk, condensed milk, sugar cane, limes and local spices. It is delicious. And the boys had Chi Chi's (mini churro's) so I had 3 of those with some Nutella. I'm annoyed because I should have packed a few carrots just to be on the safe side, but I thought my will power would be strong enough. Clearly not after 2 nights in a very hot apartment! Lesson learnt for next time.
For dinner I made roast chicken (love The Londoner for teaching me how to do it perfectly) with cauliflower tossed in curry powder, lardons, walnuts, onion and apple. 

Weigh in Wednesday tomorrow. Who knows how it will turn out this week!! But I will add a couple more pictures from the beach today because I love Sainte Anne and it was a beautiful day, the rain that threatened all day held off until we got to the car and I had to change Ed's nappy after a huge poo. Perfect timing, almost. 

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