Exhausted but feeling better!

I woke up today and, finally, felt better.
I started the day with 2 scrambled eggs, some courgette and red peppers. Before cleaning the bathroom and packing my stuff up before we moved.
For lunch I made a sauce out of peanut butter, soy sauce and tomato purée and baked a chicken breast in it served with broccoli and just a little honey as te soy sauce tasted too salty. And it was delicious. 

Unfortunately it all went downhill then, I was waiting around for the family for a long time not sure when they would come back, was tired as Ed wasn't try happy so I had some Nutella as I was sorting out our stuff from the kitchen. It was late after noon and I was hungry but there was absolutely nothing else to eat so I was feeling fed up. That was okay though. I didn't give in and have comfort food when I felt like rubbish and I needed a sugar boost (I forgot flu leaves you feeling exhausted!). 

Unfortunately we couldn't stay where we had planned to stay last night- and at 9.30 nothing had been sorted so we ended up coming to where Elsa is house sitting for the night. And unfortunately that meant nothing for dinner. I had a pot of tropical fruit purée before going to bed as I didn't want to have pasta. Who knows what will happen today!!!

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