Sint Maarten

 I was really sad to leave New York. I loved it there so much and would have happily stayed a lot, lot longer. Elsa and I knew we were going to St Martin for a relaxing week after a busy 2 weeks in the city, but we didn't know where we were staying.
When we arrived at the hotel, Westin St Maarten, I remembered that I love the beach and sunshine just as much as the city. Especially when it is at a luxury resort.
I felt like a princess in my bed, it was so big and comfortable. I really miss it!
 The pool was perfect for Ed, he was able to paddle around in the shallow bit while splashing and walking around the edges.
 We had lots of lovely family meals at the table.
 And made pancakes for breakfast.
 Although I had a healthier alternative, of banana and egg pancakes with berries.
 We went to Maho beach which is just behind the runway at the airport. You can watch the planes fly over your head as they land, or feel the jet blast of planes taking off. Such a crazy, surreal experience.
 Some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen.
 We went for an Indian one night with family friends, and although the food was a little strange.. apparently korma is just coconut and white sauce, no almonds, and no poppadoms, and the Naan bread is just bread... the toilets were really cool. I loved these 2 pieces of bathroom graffiti.

 At the supermarket I found several Waitrose products. I think I'll probably always love anything John Lewis no matter where I am in the world!
 The first pool was an infinity pool, below which was another pool, with a bar you could swim up to. Then you had the jacuzzi and then the beach!
 These boys spend hours in the water, even if it is just the bath, the bubbles are just too exciting!
 Camille decided to dress up as some crazy creature.
 And Ed enjoyed his banana.
 One evening we went to Loterie Farm for dinner. It is a stunning private nature reserve.
 Ed was teething so loved his vibrating soother, even if we all found the buzzing hilarious.
  Trio dip with Baba ghanoush, feta cheese and roasted red pepper sauce, hummus and pita wedges.
 Smoked salmon platter with crème fraiche and capers.
  Indonesian sates with peanut sauce.
 Crab fondue.
  Brie in puff pastry with mango chutney.
 Coconut lime tuna tartar.
 3 mini burgers with cheese for the boys.
 Ed found a whistle and since we haven't been able to take it away from him, unless he has shoved it in your mouth and is crazily blowing away, encouraging you to have a go, before grabbing it back and whistling some more.
 I made Eggs Benedict for everyone one morning, but for me I left out the English Muffin and had kale instead.
 I also recreated the wonderful Whole Foods Carrot and Ginger Salad that I fell in love with while in New York.
 And made stir fried brussle sprouts with walnuts and bacon lardons. So good!
 We went into the town in Phillipsburg, where the high street runs alone behind the beach. It was stunning weather one minute and the next...
 Torrential rain for all of 3 minutes.
 I love this photo of Ed and I having a little doze on the way back to the hotel.
 For some reason Sint Maarten is tax free, which meant I caved and bought myself a new camera. A very expensive new camera but I'm sick of having all of my photos iPhone quality!
 We spent our last afternoon soaking up some sunshine, before heading back to, oh wait, more sun in Guadeloupe.
Obligatory plane photo, of the gorgeous sunset. Holidays are over, just 3 weeks of Summer Holiday's left before the boys are back at school!

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  1. I really love seeing all of the pictures and sharing your wonderful adventures xx