Avocado's Galore

I made a big batch of scrambled egg, tomato, red onion and pepper for breakfast. Much easier to do everything the same for the boys and I!
I then had an apple and a carrot as a late morning snack as we were going to Harold's mum's for lunch and I wasn't sure what choices there would be and I wanted to make sure I could make the best decision, not make the wrong choices because I was hungry.
Luckily there was Dorade (fish, I think sea bream) and plenty of avocados. I am loving this time of year because of the amount avocados everywhere!
With lots and lots of watermelon afterwards.
I did make one bad choice, I said no to all of the bread and cakes and desserts, however when I was making Ed's bottle up, I realised there was Chaudeau. This is the most delicious local drink. It is milk, eggs, sugar and spices. I wish it wasn't so delicious so I had 2 glasses of that- onwards and upwards...
For dinner I made a salad with tuna, avocado, tomato, beetroot, sweetcorn, red pepper, cucumber and boiled egg with balsamic vinegar.
And a really yummy mango afterwards.

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  1. Makes my burnt chicken and lentil soup this evening look..........erm.......... Interesting?????