Lazy Sunday and Poorly Eye

I got so excited yesterday when I found avocado's at the market that I changed breakfast plans from having the same as yesterday to having a nice big chunk of avocado with scrambled eggs and a little trout pâté with grilled tomatoes and some watermelon.

I have really missed avocados. There are so many health benefits to them. A plus side of being able to grow so much produce in the Caribbean is that you know it is local, the downside is that unless it is in season you can't usually find things.
I'm not having dairy at all, but somehow I have conjunctivitis, again! That is the third time in a month now and it is really not nice. We are making sure I get to the doctors tomorrow as it is definitely much worse this time and I am concerned that maybe it is not conjunctivitis if it has happened again. Back to the dairy point, my eye hurts and I really wanted a nice cup of English Breakfast tea, so I had a tiny bit of milk in the cup. I always regret it here as the milk doesn't taste good, it is all UHT long life milk and makes tea taste rubbish, but I enjoyed it none the less along with some almonds and two token pecans.
I made lunch up, it wasn't great and I wouldn't do it again, but I like that when I am just cooking for me it doesn't have to be great. It was nutritionally dense with broccoli, peas, tomato, whole grain mustard and chicken breast cooked in a little soy sauce.
The watermelon I got yesterday was so sweet and juicy, so I had it as a snack along with 2 carrots.
This evening my eye had gotten worse so I didn't attempt to cook dinner just stayed in my room feeling sorry for myself. I went to join the family for dinner and was disappointed when I realised the chicken was cooked in cream rather than coconut milk. I had 1 dessert spoon of rice, chicken and salad, with an apple afterwards. 

I need to work on cutting the fructose (sugar from fruit) back out of my diet but I do really love fruit. I think I will give it a couple of weeks eating fruit and see how I get on, and then I can decide if I cut sugar completely or leave in natural sugar. With G14 we completely stripped it out, but I was exhausted for the entire 14 weeks so we will see how I get along. 

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  1. I think I would really miss fruit from my diet. Yes you were so tired with g14 weren't you xx