New York - Part 3

Day 9
 I had a whole day to myself, to do whatever I liked, whenever I liked. It was amazing. I realised how much I have missed that freedom. I went down to walk along the High Line, a park along an old rail track in the South of Manhattan.
 It was such a beautiful day, and really amazing to be above the streets, with lots of greenery around whilst seeing such huge landmarks.

 My phone didn't focus on the ice lolly which is annoying, but I chose the Piña Jalapeño which was pineapple and jalapeño. I asked the lady which flavour she recommended and I'm so glad I didn't go for one of my normal choices like berry or coffee. The sweetness of the pineapple meant the kick from the jalapeño was really good and not hot.

 I really wanted to try a S'more while in New York but as I didn't have the faintest idea where to find one I settled on having an ice cream sandwich version. So, so good! A cinnamon-y, cookie, with chocolate ice cream and a really gooey marshmallow inside. So worth it.
 From the High Line I wandered around and ended up in a really nice shop called Story. I got talking to the lady who was working there and she recommended walking down Bleeker Street to Soho. I learnt it is best to take people in New York's advise. I fell in love with Bleeker Street. It is so idyllic and cute, yet clearly very affluent. The shops were smaller and although there were big brands there was also a good mix of individual retailers.
 There was also this little British Shop, they sold all the typical British foods inside, from Marmite to PG Tips and Elderflower Cordial. They even had a counter of Cornish Pasties, Pork Pies and really good looking sausages.
 I was really surprised to find Magnolia Bakery here, especially as there was no queue. It didn't look as great as I was expecting it to!
Doesn't everything just look more beautiful when the sun is setting. I love the character that the buildings have in this part of Lower Manhattan. Really, really love it. I think I want to live there.

Day 10
 With such beautiful weather we could only do one thing, and that was Coney Island.
 Compared to the beaches in Guadeloupe it was only alright, but the fair was fun, and look how completely blue the sky is!
 The boys were exhausted after so much excitement and fell asleep like this on the subway back to Manhattan.
 Next stop was the Brooklyn Bridge. We got off on the Brooklyn side of the bridge and wandered around the area called Dumbo for a while. It is such a lovely place, lots of little shops, café's and restaurants with stunning buildings.
  We went down to the waters edge where there was a carousel and lots of couples/families having professional pictures taken. On our way we found what looked like a really nice restaurant, Atrium, so Estelle and Elsa went and made reservations for dinner.
 We had enough time to walk across some of the Brooklyn Bridge before dinner though, and caught the sunset. Is there anything more beautiful that this?
 I love how all of the lights shone straight away. Out of everything we did, I think this was one of the best moments in New York. This picture captures how beautiful it was. I really, really miss being in a city.
 We went back to the restaurant and our table over looked the kitchen.
 We started with a meat and cheese board to share. We had Duck Páté, Bone Marrow Crostini, Speck, Soppressata, Cacciatorini, Questo del Invierno and Pawlet Reserve. I was really surprised, I tried the bone marrow and it was delicious. I honestly think one of the best things I have ever eaten. My taste has changed so much recently, maybe I'm growing up, even though I came to Au Pair so I wouldn't have to..!
For my main I had Skate with spring vegetables, mushroom broth and thyme oil. So, so good and simple. I'd like to try to re-create it but we don't really have the right vegetables in Guadeloupe.
 Housemade Ravioli with ricotta, pesto and crispy speck.
 Smoked Li Duck with sour apple puree, parsley root and kale.
Dessert was a milk chocolate soufflé with Nutella and greek yogurt, banana and banana ice cream. It was good, but didn't live up to the expectation. They have a really limited dessert menu, 4 choices, which I thought would have meant it was amazing, but the boys donut holes were better.

Day 11
To let Estelle, Harold and Elsa have an adults only day I stayed at the apartment with the boys. I think it was good for them to have a chilled out day as they were all exhausted. Ed slept until about 1pm! We went to the park Camille and I found on the first day, went for a walk and got frozen ice cream before going back to the apartment to watch a film.

Day 12
 The last day in New York was a sad one. I spent half the day with the family and spent the other half wandering around the busy streets and taking in the city. And quite a bit of shopping. shhh!

Being in New York reminded me how much I love the city. I love the noises, the sounds, the business, the freedom, the fact you can walk everywhere, how close things are, that you have so many options, the different cultures, people watching. I could go on. It made me homesick for the first time, but I think that was a lot to do with being able to speak English freely and not having a language barrier.

We went to St Martin for a week straight after and that reminded me that I also love the sunshine and beach, just as much as I love city life. I also really, really love a good tan. I think I am going to look into going to Sydney to study nutrition, or do a Precision Nutrition course next summer back in the UK and then go to Sydney after to get some experience.

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