Walking and finding a secret spot

For breakfast an omelette, overfilled with broccoli, tomato, red onion and red pepper.
Late morning snack of walnuts
For lunch, I made chicken breast with tomato, onion, coconut milk and a little honey over broccoli. (I had more than this picture, it was so good!)
With 2 kiwi's and a nectarine afterwards.
For dinner I had leftovers from lunch, but I also mixed in sweetcorn and had a mini plantain.
With a nectarine for afters.

A much, much better day! I also went for a  walk with Ed to plan out a 5k running route for next week when everything will be a bit more structured. We are staying in Bas du Fort which is very near the Marina and it gave us the most gorgeous view, that will be even better in the mornings at 6am.. I hope at least!

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