Rain, Beach and Raclette

I had planned to go to the beach today but I woke up at 6am for my planned run and heard lots of thunder and then a whole lot of rain. I seem to manage to have got conjunctivitis again! I don't know how, but as last time I burst a blood vessel in my eye just by sneezing/blowing my nose so I'm taking it easy until this passes! 

As I had my AC on nice and low and it was rubbish weather outside I wanted something comforting for breakfast so I completely winged somethig and it actually turned out really well! 
1 small ripe banana, 1 egg, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, coconut and water. Mash banana, add in egg, protein powder and water. Stir. Add in desired amount of desicated coconut and str again. Microwave for 3 minutes. It turned out heavenly. Tomorrow I'm going to try again but different flavour combination, I think. 

By 12pm the weather had cleared up so I threw together a quick lunch of broccoli, leftover columbo chicken and sweetcorn. We headed to St Anne and I instantly felt much better. It is my favourite beach of all time. 

We picked up some freh fruit from the market. I know we are in Avocado season now, but I got ever so excited to finally see avocados! 
A nice snack of a giant piece of avocado, along with 3 carrots, an apple and a piece of watermelon throughout the day. 

For dinner we went to Elsa's. I knew we were having raclette but I had no idea what that was, even after googling it. The only thing I did know was that it contained a lot of cheese, and I am not eating dairy! 
I filled up as much as possible on the cucumber, carrots and pistachios before dinner as I was really hungry and didn't want to get carried away with the main meal. 

So, raclette is when you have a mini square pan that you melt cheese in, and ontop there is a griddle where you cook vegetables and meat. Traditionally served ontop of potatoes. 

I had 2 slices of cheese on 2 potatoes. Using lots of vegetables and pieces of ham to bulk it out. It worked well and I didn't want anymore. 

Raclette was good, and I think a good experience having it at home so you aren't paying for it and feel as though you need to get your money's worth by gorging. I even left before desser, a gorgeous smelling apple tart. But I was tired, my eye aches and I was worried my temptation would get the better of me. 

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  1. Your doing really well sweet heart. Hoping your eye is better soon xx