New York Part 1

Day 1
The first time I came to New York with school I fell in love with the skyline on the drive from the airport to Manhattan, and exactly the same thing happened this time. It was just after sunset and the sky was on fire and there was such a beautiful glow to the city making it look so magical.

We pretty much just dropped our bags off before heading down to Times Square. It was late but we were all so excited to see New York that it didn't matter. This burst fire hydrant cap was so typically New York and so pretty in the street light.

I loved being back in New York and in a city. The noise and light and business is so crazy but something I really love.
 We went to Bubba Gump for dinner, at 12am. Not quite sure it was still dinner!

 Even when we left Times Square at 2am it was still buzzing.
Day 2
 Ed, Camille and I were awake and ready before everyone else so we decided to go on a little walk to explore our neighbourhood, Inwood. We struck gold and found a park about a 5 minute walk away from our apartment and Ed had his first ever go in the swing! He loved it!
 It was Elsa's birthday so we headed down to Central Park to have a picnic type lunch and so the boys could have a run around in one of the big playgrounds.
 After spending a while in Wholefoods (another thing I realllyyyy miss!) we sand Happy Birthday to Elsa and she blew out the imaginary candles.
 I walked with Ed down through Central Park to meet everyone else at the bottom corner of the park on Fifth Avenue. I loved having the freedom of being able to walk everywhere and it was so relaxing, even if a little hot!
 The boys played on the giant piano in F.A.O Schwartz, with Maxime very light on his toes!
 And I took a selfie with the Empire State Building.
Day 3
 The boys loved watching out of the window on the Subway. It still amazes me the things they notice as children, that as adults we don't even acknowledge.
 While the rest of the family explored CMON (The Children's Museum of Manhattan), Ed and I went and played with other babies, who put him to shame for not walking just yet.
 All of the socialising proved a lot for poor little Ed and he missed watching the Fire Engine leave!
 We headed back to Fifth Avenue to explore the grown up shops this time..,
 And I accidentally spent a lot of money on a nail polish, just because it was Christian Louboutin. The colour is gorgeous though!!
 We had planned to have an 'American' dinner but the restaurant in the guide book didn't appear to exist, so we found a cute little place on 2nd Avenue that I think served more typically American food than greasy burgers.
I had half a grilled cheese sandwich with fresh tomato soup and a side salad.

Day 4
 The views are what I love most about New York, the sheer number of buildings and people in such a small place means you can be invisible while in clear view. I have been up the Empire State Building but not up to the 'Top of the Rock' at the Rockefeller Centre, and I think I kind of preferred it this time, but just because I loved being able to see the Empire State while up so high.
 Two-thirds of the photo worked.. it is nearly impossible to get both boys doing a nice face at once!
 But then again, if the 3 'adults' who look after them are setting the example, that isn't really surprising.

 Family photo!
 Friday nights are free entry at MOMA, so we went along. Estelle shares my appreciation for modern art.....
 After this wonderful canvas painted white, and another that looked like the boys had scribbled all over it, I took them down to the Creative Lab where they could do real scribbles and not get told off for it, although Harold suggested we try selling it to the museum.

The light in the kitchen had gone by the time we got home, so we ended up making dinner using a head torch and phone lights. Just like at home, Mum!!

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  1. Such lovely photos Zjose. Glad to see you are learning from me xx