Not the best day...

(Belated post from Wednesday)
The day started off well with a boiled egg and plantains for breakfast.
And I made an amazing salad for lunch, with cucumber ribbons, tomato, red pepper, beetroot, broccoli, boiled egg, avocado and tuna with balsamic vinegar.
But I just felt like I could eat a horse!!! I was constantly hungry, so throughout the day snacked on 3/4 of a melon, nectarine and kiwi. But I was reaaaalllyyyy craving chocolate and peanut butter.
Eventually in the afternoon I gave in, and mixed 2tsp of Nutella with peanut butter and had it with an apple... but it still wasn't enough! So i had the same again with a banana... and I felt a bit better... but then felt I had screwed up too much (stupid because I hadn't really) and I couldn't be bothered to make dinner, so for dinner, had a banana with the last of the peanut butter. So at least that's gone now there isn't more for me to wish I could be eating!

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