Back to the Summer Holidays and the Doctors

I couldn't decide what I wanted for breakfast yesterday so I got creative.
Mashed avocado with tomato, on top of red peppers with Parma ham and salami, topped with 2 perfectly poached eggs.
When I first got here I didn't know how to tell the difference when buying eggs. This really showed when trying to poach eggs as unhappy chickens don't lay happy eggs and the whites drift away. 
Now I know that they are coded, the number stamp on the eggs shows you the conditions they are from. 03- unhappy chickens, in little cages. 02- caged hens. 01- happier chickens, free range. 00- happy chickens, free range and organic. Since 00 is difficult to find unless you have your own chickens, 01 is about as good as it gets in the supermarkets here. And now, my poached eggs look like poached eggs!!
It was the first day back to a normal summer holiday routine, both parents back at work and me with the boys. As lovely as it was to have holidays and the parents here, I do like routine and I am never sure how much the parents would like me to do or would like to do em selves when we are all here.
So the boys and I made mini pizzas for heir lunches.

Their t-shirts came off quickly after remembering tomato is never a good idea with children (or Josie) if wearing a light coloured top! There was also a lot of sneaky finger licking!
Some interesting shapes were made, and a lot of cheese was used!
But the boys enjoyed their creations!
While I had tuna mixed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, onion, red pepper and sweet corn on top of balsamic beet root.

In the afternoon we went to the doctors to find out what is actually wrong with my eye and get proper prescribed medicine to get it to go away once and for all! It's definitely conjunctivitis and I came away with a super strong antibiotic drops for the bad eye, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drops for both eyes and a special eye wash. Hopefully I will look human again in a couple of days.
Dinner was 2 pieces of sushi (couldn't resist!) and green beans with onions, beef and tomatoes. Followed by a frozen banana and kiwi.