Feeling a little better

The problem with me not being well, has meant nobody has been shopping. 
At the start the parents always did the shop, but I soon suggested if they were comfortable that I take over this. It makes more sense, they both work around 12 hour days and during term time I have a lot of free time. I am also the one who cooks the boys dinner and prepares their lunches so I know what I woul prefer to have in the house for them. I also make enough dinner for everyone as to me it is silly to only make enough for 2 boys. 
The shopping has been more of a struggle with the summer holidays but we have managed, however this week, with me unwell and the parents sorting out a lot to do with the house, we now have nothing in the house. Luckily it works well for me feeling not good as I am not hungry and can't really stand eating anything much, but it does mean the choices available aren't really clean. 

Around 1.30 I had a microwaved chopped apple with a drizzle of honey and cinnamon and a cereal bar.

And just now I have had a kiwi and 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and jam. 

The friends we stayed with when Lucy was here have moved to a bigger, newer apartment and they have insisted we go and stay with them until we can move back to the house (hopefully before the end of September!). So tomorrow we will be moving back to my neck of the woods in Guadeloupe which will make me a lot happier to be nearer the beautiful beaches of Gosier and St Anne! Yippee! I also think after a good codeine aided sleep I will be feeling a lot better tomorrow! *crosses fingers*

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  1. Glad that you have somewhere nice to stay and that hopefully you are turning the corner and feeling better xx