A Lovely Lucy Visit

A month later and I'm finally posting this! I had this gorgeous girl come and visit me for almost three weeks in June and it was the best! She arrived loaded up with presents for the boys and more than half a suitcase for me... whoops!!!
I love making these super simple pancakes, they are quite literally 2 ingredient, inspired from SimplyTaraLynn, just 1 banana and 2 eggs but I vary it and add coconut/manioc flour/ground almonds/cinnamon or whatever I feel like experimenting with! For Lucy's first day we went with a nice Caribbean taste of local lime and coconut mmm!
Then we headed to the beach to start working on Lucy's tan.
I think she liked the beach a little bit..
We explored Point des Chateâteux and admired the amazing view back over Guadeloupe.
There is an amazing crêperie in Gosier Marina that I love so had to make sure we visited one evening. I I had pastrami and goats cheese crêpe with caramelised onion marmalade. Delicious! 
We visited Îlet Caret, the tiniest little island that just has a couple of palm shelters.
 The boat has to be moored up off the shore and anything you want for the day needs to be carried to the Îlet.

Lucy thought she had magic suncream that didn't need to be rubbed in, that we could just spray it and he would magically be covered. Guess what.. turns out that isn't how it works, and she ended up with the funniest 'tan' marks!
 We went on doughnuts in the middle of the sea- I'm getting so brave!
 Although I think my boobs kind of wanted to pop out...
 And I nearly went face first into the water!
 We made Courgette Fritters from The Londoner and they turned out amazingly well! So delicious! We substituted potato for sweet potato, and this was I think we both said, the most delicious meal we had eaten in a long time.

 With homemade hummus (including homemade tahini!)
 And homemade tzatziki as well! I think we are culinary goddesses!

 I'm so lucky that my host-family really make the most of the local produce available seasonally so we have lots of plantains regularly and recently a lot of different mango varieties and maracuja's (passion fruit).
 I started doing the 30 Day Shred just before Lucy arrived and she helped me keep it up. It was so much more fun to have someone to do it with!
 We played around making Paleo Porridge and it turned out amazingly!
 Visited Îlet du Gosier on the best day ever. Look at the colour of the water and lack of clouds in the sky!

 My host parents ordered Sushi for dinner one night.. Lucy doesn't like fish at all.. or quite a few other things, she is a little fussy. My favourite saying became "Close your eyes and open your mouth!" I was very impressed with how much she tried!

 We made a goos effort with clean eating, being quite inventive.
 And then enjoying ourselves with some things that weren't quite so clean... but when in France you have to make the most of their patisseries!
 Another beautiful day spent at a beach.
 Where we met a little friend.
 And found some people who'd had a brilliant place to have their lunch.

 Little Ed learnt to use a spoon himself, and made a lot of mess!
 We took some more selfies...
 I'm not even mentioning how much of this stuff we managed to eat.. between just the two of us...... whoops!

 We kept up with the 30 Day Shred though...!
 I was trusted to drive the big scary family car for Lucy and I to go off and explore the other island.
 Where jumping off rocks is obligatory.

 2 of the best cocktails ever. The left is a strawberry martini, but just tasted like a milkshake. Magical. And of course a Piña Colada.

Isn't she so cute when she's sleeping <3

 I hadn't realised I had tanned at all until Luce came over, she made me realise actually, I've got quite a good one, even on my legs, and they never colour!

 Just a few selfies!

 My host mum loves England, so on the last day we made Eggs Benedict, completely from scratch, including the English Muffins. I'm so chuffed with how the muffins and sauce turned out. The eggs refused to poach properly though and all fell apart/looked disgusting!

 We made the most of her last night by going to a great restaurant where they have the most incredible dessert I have ever seen, but I'll post about that separately. We also took just a couple more selfies...

And finished her holiday off with handmade ice cream in local flavours. The sweet potato is yum!!

I had such a lovely time with Lucy here, and I miss her so much. It was really depressing to think that I then wouldn't see her for another 7 months, but a month has already passed so it is only 6 months now! 
Being out here has made me appreciate how amazing my friends are. I really am so lucky with the friends I have!

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