619 - Best dessert ever!

I first went to 619 with my host-mum after one of her rugby matches and it quite literally blew my mind. My main course I had a tuna steak that was medium-rare. I had previously been pretty squeamish when it came to how well cooked my fish was but I had only said I wanted fish, and left it to Estelle to order for me. I trust her to order well for me in French so had to eat this un-cooked looking fish, and it was amazing. Dessert was even better. I knew we had to eat there with Lucy at some point and my host-parents deemed our last night to be the best choice.

You feel like you're in a bikers tavern, there is lots of Harley Davidson memorabilia around, with gorgeous exposed red brick and contemporary art. 
I like that menu is written on the windows and repeated around the restaurant. If they run out of something, it is simply wiped off so you can't be disappointed.

 I ordered the Steak de Thon, créme de cive (Tuna Steak with Chive Cream sauce). It was still great, but I think last time was even better. The sauce I had before was almost like hollandaise sauce and was so delicious with everything! I'm not a fan of chips, I have never particularly liked them very much, but they are really quite great here.

 Lucy had the Confit Maison which was duck leg deliciously crispy and garlic-y. I think it was up there as one of the 2 best choices from this visit.
 Estelle chose the real winner though, Lambi Lasagne. I've only ever thought of lasagne as the traditional tomato and beef dish we have at home, but this was incredible. Lambi is Conch in English, the big shells that you can hear the sea in. It is a slightly strange texture/feeling but tastes great and with the fresh pasta and béchamel sauce it is so tasty!
 Elsa had the Magret de Canard à l'äil (Duck Breast roasted with Garlic). I haven't tried duck properly before and I was really pleasantly surprised. I don't like duck eggs and had assumed I also wouldn't like duck, but the meat was so tender and soft!
 Harold is displaying his tuna tartar beautifully (can you tell he had to be in the photo!!) We tricked Lucy into thinking the tuna was beef, so she not only tried it but said, and I quote "It's really good, I like it!" her face was a great picture when we all laughed and let her know what she had actually eaten and reminded her that she "liked it"!

As great as the mains are, the dessert is the best thing about this place. The Tarte Tatin is an apple pie with sugar and cinnamon and is lovely, only trouble is it reminds me of Christmas and that is confusing when it was 30 degrees.
 The real treasure here is this. The Super Chocolat Mousse. It is better than sex. There is no denying it.
It really is super, the pot is huge. Ball both your fists up and put them together, and then a little bit more. But it is so worth it, and you really need a whole pot to yourself, but they give you 2 spoons and Estelle always likes to share (even though she "doesn't like chocolate" pffft!).

 If you're ever in Guadeloupe and near Saint François this place is definitely worth a visit. There is a lot of wine to choose from, if you're into that as well!

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