Why does it always rain on me??

Yesterday started with half a pink grapefruit. Which was disappointing as it didn't taste great. I really like grapefruits, and other than that they are supposedly really for kick starting you metabolism, they remind me a lot of my Dad and Granny and using a special serrated knife to separate the pieces and having way too much sugar with them.
I then had some watermelon and avocado.

With some more melon late morning and an apple.
Lunch was a conbination of what looks seriously un-appetising but was actually really yummy. I mashed some avocado to make a sauce for my tuna, and then mixed in tomato, red pepper, beetroot and celery.
And then I had some (meaning a whole) pineapple and cinnamon that was so good I ate half while I was preparing it and then almost forgot to take a picture.
Before heading to the beach where it looked a little bit glum.
I only managed 30 minutes outside before it peed it down, so I sat in the car to read and look at the sea instead. Something about the water really calms me down and I love just being near it.
When I got home I had the best thing waiting for me. A letter from my Mummy. She had sent me some seeds to grow Cress-Heads with the boys, and to attempt growing Kale and Strawberries out here. I'm not sure it will work, but I am excited to give it a go!
For dinner I made another of my interesting combinations. Using randoms bits that are left at the end of the week. Chicken breast, with leek, broccoli and tomato, and some spice mix, that smelt curry-ish but the ingredients weren't including curry at all.. with avocado. Really good! 

I then went out to a karaoke night, which started off a bit rubbish, then in the middle got really good as it was full of English songs, and a good couple of Beyonce songs! Then it got bad again and was all Zouk music, which is Creole, and basically just sends you to sleep. It was good to actually put my face on and sort my hair out. Makes me feel like Josie, I'm not doing enough of that at the moment!

Avocado's Galore

I made a big batch of scrambled egg, tomato, red onion and pepper for breakfast. Much easier to do everything the same for the boys and I!
I then had an apple and a carrot as a late morning snack as we were going to Harold's mum's for lunch and I wasn't sure what choices there would be and I wanted to make sure I could make the best decision, not make the wrong choices because I was hungry.
Luckily there was Dorade (fish, I think sea bream) and plenty of avocados. I am loving this time of year because of the amount avocados everywhere!
With lots and lots of watermelon afterwards.
I did make one bad choice, I said no to all of the bread and cakes and desserts, however when I was making Ed's bottle up, I realised there was Chaudeau. This is the most delicious local drink. It is milk, eggs, sugar and spices. I wish it wasn't so delicious so I had 2 glasses of that- onwards and upwards...
For dinner I made a salad with tuna, avocado, tomato, beetroot, sweetcorn, red pepper, cucumber and boiled egg with balsamic vinegar.
And a really yummy mango afterwards.

Walking and finding a secret spot

For breakfast an omelette, overfilled with broccoli, tomato, red onion and red pepper.
Late morning snack of walnuts
For lunch, I made chicken breast with tomato, onion, coconut milk and a little honey over broccoli. (I had more than this picture, it was so good!)
With 2 kiwi's and a nectarine afterwards.
For dinner I had leftovers from lunch, but I also mixed in sweetcorn and had a mini plantain.
With a nectarine for afters.

A much, much better day! I also went for a  walk with Ed to plan out a 5k running route for next week when everything will be a bit more structured. We are staying in Bas du Fort which is very near the Marina and it gave us the most gorgeous view, that will be even better in the mornings at 6am.. I hope at least!

Not the best day...

(Belated post from Wednesday)
The day started off well with a boiled egg and plantains for breakfast.
And I made an amazing salad for lunch, with cucumber ribbons, tomato, red pepper, beetroot, broccoli, boiled egg, avocado and tuna with balsamic vinegar.
But I just felt like I could eat a horse!!! I was constantly hungry, so throughout the day snacked on 3/4 of a melon, nectarine and kiwi. But I was reaaaalllyyyy craving chocolate and peanut butter.
Eventually in the afternoon I gave in, and mixed 2tsp of Nutella with peanut butter and had it with an apple... but it still wasn't enough! So i had the same again with a banana... and I felt a bit better... but then felt I had screwed up too much (stupid because I hadn't really) and I couldn't be bothered to make dinner, so for dinner, had a banana with the last of the peanut butter. So at least that's gone now there isn't more for me to wish I could be eating!

Whoops! Missed a day!

The last couple ofdays have been pretty unsettled. The weekend was crazy and I really had no idea what was going on. I then felt really uncomfortable when we first arrived at the flat we are going to be staying at for the next month. Mainly due to having no outside space and that there was no AC. At this time of year that's not good as there are so many Mosquitos, and I had only just stopped being bitten! But 2 full days later and I'm feeling much better, although I haven't been perfect the last few days, now I feel more settled I will be 100% and not make anymore excuses.
Before going to do the shopping yesterday there was nothing clean to eat, but luckily I remembered I had left over almonds from the beach on Sunday so they were my breakfast.
Nicely stocked up, lunch was broccoli, a dry-fried egg and avocado.  With a naughty afternoon snack of one of the Princes biscuits the boys were having.
For dinner I made salmon in a brown bread crust with cheese, garlic, lemon and mixed herbs for everyone else. But I just had mine baked in red onion, tomato and lemon with carrots and brocolli.
First thing this morning I had some walnuts, with breakfast being half a tomato and broccoli scrambled with 2 eggs and some avocado. 
Late afternoon while I was preparing dinner for tonight and for our lunches to take to the beach I discovered something amazing. Banana and peanut butter (100% peanuts). I think this combination could be a little dangerous so will be a treat.
I made a salad with tuna, tomato, red onion, red pepper, beet root and avocado with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to take to the beach (can you tell I am loving avocado season!)

Although I was really bad at the beach, I had a small Sorbet au Coco - a traditional, Guadeloupian ice cream. Coconut, coconut milk, condensed milk, sugar cane, limes and local spices. It is delicious. And the boys had Chi Chi's (mini churro's) so I had 3 of those with some Nutella. I'm annoyed because I should have packed a few carrots just to be on the safe side, but I thought my will power would be strong enough. Clearly not after 2 nights in a very hot apartment! Lesson learnt for next time.
For dinner I made roast chicken (love The Londoner for teaching me how to do it perfectly) with cauliflower tossed in curry powder, lardons, walnuts, onion and apple. 

Weigh in Wednesday tomorrow. Who knows how it will turn out this week!! But I will add a couple more pictures from the beach today because I love Sainte Anne and it was a beautiful day, the rain that threatened all day held off until we got to the car and I had to change Ed's nappy after a huge poo. Perfect timing, almost. 


Beachy Sunday

A day late as I've had not great internet...! I always wake up before everyone else, which is great when we're at home/somewhere more than just staying the night, as it means I have breakfast nice and early. However, yesterday, after going to bed without dinner, I woke up super hungry.. and there wasn't anything I could have for breakfast.
So I found some Belvita biscuits.
And a fruit puree. Not great, but I had to eat.
The downside to waking so early is that when everyone else is having their breakfast at 11.30, I'm hungry and pretty much ready for lunch. However, still no food, and Sunday's here shops are closed. So when breakfast was brought from the local patisserie and consisted of pain au chocolat's, croissants and other pastries I chose a croissant and cherry jam.
I hadn't known the plan for the rest of the day had been to go to the one shop that would be open and then go to Îlet du Gosier.
So as a very late lunch I had carrots, some rotisserie chicken, roast almonds and a golden delicious apple.

We then headed back to Elsa's to get our stuff, to come to where we will be staying for the next month. I knew dinner again would be a tricky situation, so I had a packet of belvita biscuits and another apple about 7pm, and headed to bed about 10pm when we had arrived and brought our bags inside. 

I really want to be back at the house again, I feel like I am going a bit crazy. But I have to tell Estelle that I don't mind as I know she is already feeling bad enough about all the moving.

Exhausted but feeling better!

I woke up today and, finally, felt better.
I started the day with 2 scrambled eggs, some courgette and red peppers. Before cleaning the bathroom and packing my stuff up before we moved.
For lunch I made a sauce out of peanut butter, soy sauce and tomato purée and baked a chicken breast in it served with broccoli and just a little honey as te soy sauce tasted too salty. And it was delicious. 

Unfortunately it all went downhill then, I was waiting around for the family for a long time not sure when they would come back, was tired as Ed wasn't try happy so I had some Nutella as I was sorting out our stuff from the kitchen. It was late after noon and I was hungry but there was absolutely nothing else to eat so I was feeling fed up. That was okay though. I didn't give in and have comfort food when I felt like rubbish and I needed a sugar boost (I forgot flu leaves you feeling exhausted!). 

Unfortunately we couldn't stay where we had planned to stay last night- and at 9.30 nothing had been sorted so we ended up coming to where Elsa is house sitting for the night. And unfortunately that meant nothing for dinner. I had a pot of tropical fruit purée before going to bed as I didn't want to have pasta. Who knows what will happen today!!!

Feeling a little better

The problem with me not being well, has meant nobody has been shopping. 
At the start the parents always did the shop, but I soon suggested if they were comfortable that I take over this. It makes more sense, they both work around 12 hour days and during term time I have a lot of free time. I am also the one who cooks the boys dinner and prepares their lunches so I know what I woul prefer to have in the house for them. I also make enough dinner for everyone as to me it is silly to only make enough for 2 boys. 
The shopping has been more of a struggle with the summer holidays but we have managed, however this week, with me unwell and the parents sorting out a lot to do with the house, we now have nothing in the house. Luckily it works well for me feeling not good as I am not hungry and can't really stand eating anything much, but it does mean the choices available aren't really clean. 

Around 1.30 I had a microwaved chopped apple with a drizzle of honey and cinnamon and a cereal bar.

And just now I have had a kiwi and 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and jam. 

The friends we stayed with when Lucy was here have moved to a bigger, newer apartment and they have insisted we go and stay with them until we can move back to the house (hopefully before the end of September!). So tomorrow we will be moving back to my neck of the woods in Guadeloupe which will make me a lot happier to be nearer the beautiful beaches of Gosier and St Anne! Yippee! I also think after a good codeine aided sleep I will be feeling a lot better tomorrow! *crosses fingers*


Another day of Flu

I felt terrible yesterday. I started the day with oats, banana and coconut and one whole boiled egg and the white of another (Ed loves the yolks but apparently not the whites!). 

I couldn't stomach anythig else until late at night and that was only because I knew I was going to have to take strong painkillers to get rid of my terrible headache. I just had pasta, broccoli and ketchup. Not a great choice but when feeling this crap, I was choosing options that I would be able to keep down rather than what was nutritionally best. 

The codeine worked a treat and I managed to fall asleep at about 1am for a blissful 7 hours of sleep. The best sleep I have had in a week!

Run Down Wednesday

Despite having such a great start to the day with a really positive weigh-in, I have the flu. I don't get ill very often, but whn I do it tends to be a few things all at once.
After 2 nights with very little sleep, I wante something super simple for breakfast, so had some nutty granola. Not ideal, but half clean.
For lunch I had left over Ratatouille.
Every Wednesday I am allowed a choice mea/lsomething off plan. I am going to be really strict about the day, I need structure. I was going to have a piece of the boys Nutella pizza we made the other day, but after a little bite it wasn't great so  the boys finished that off instead.
And I made a microwave cookie. Pinterest is dangerous for giving me all sorts of ideas. It was nice, but feeling so rotten nothing tastes great and I ended up not finishing it and binning the rest. 

I actually fell asleep before dinner and have only just woken this morning. Feeling much better for sleeping but still pretty groggy. I never go off food but right now I'm not really fussed! Boiled eggs and banana it will be!