Me Time

I love Wednesday afternoon's here. For most places it is a half day, which means I am free from 2pm and don't have to pick the boys up from school or sort their dinner. 
I am getting braver and starting to discover new places without worrying so much about how I will find the way home again afterwards! 
 This is a little cove near Gosier that was so beautiful and empty! You need beach shoes to be able to swim there though!
 Swimmng is much better at Gosier, and I really love that you can see Îlet du Gosier, even if the beach is a bit busy and the blonde hair and blue eyes are quite an exciting site to some men, who don't get the message, even when you very clearly speak back in English to get rid of them!

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  1. Oh my god, I am so so jealous, I wish my casual Wednesday afternoons could be spent like that (minus the slight harassment that is).