Coconut Water

At home I have only tried Coconut Water twice. Both times it has been horrendous. It is common knowledge it is good for you, but I just couldn't stand the taste of it.

I wanted to try real, fresh coconut water to see if it tastes the same.

Green coconut's are used, before they get to the hairy brown stage. The top of the coconut is sliced off with a Machete, the rest of the coconut then splits. 

The Coconut Water inside is then poured into a bottle through a funnel.

The Machete is then used to create a natural spoon, from the other end of the coconut, so scoop out the coconut cream.
It is much more like a jelly than a cream, but is absolutely lovely!!

The coconut water is so kept cool inside the shell and is absolutely lovely!!! I think it is my favourite thing I have had so far in Guadeloupe. It is really refreshing with a bit of a nutty taste. It is nothing like the Vita Coco that we back in the UK that has been heated and processed to make it last!

I think it is like milk, here you can only buy U.H.T milk, which smells like evaporated milk and is generally pretty nasty. Nothing is quite the same as when it is fresh!

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