January Day in Paris (with very cold feet!)

When I booked my flights in March last year ('14) to and from the Caribbean I planned my outbound journey perfectly, but didn't consider the return apart from making sure I would actually be able to transfer between flights. 

This meant that after spending eight months in the Caribbean with 28+ degree heat I found myself with a twelve hour layover in Paris and unable to change my flight back to the UK as there is only one flight back to Southampton per day, and it's late in the evening. 

I didn't really mind as the one thing I miss about the UK is being able to walk places. In Guadeloupe although you can walk, it's not so practical with a toddler and the tropical weather you have to be super prepared. And you get a lot of hassle. Caribbean men don't keep their appreciation of women to themselves! So I was actually quite looking forward to a day being able to talk around a city before being back in the English countryside.... until we realised that after moving around so much last summer none of us know where my shoes were, so I only had sandals or my smelly gym trainers. 

Initially I planned to the nearest shop to ORLY, get a cheap pair of shoes and then wander around, but I was soon reminded by a kind lady that it was a Sunday and the French like to shut everything on Sunday! The only place in Paris that was open was the Champs-Èlysèes which meant I had a fair journey and although initially I thought I'd tough it out until I got to H&M my toes went past being cold and became incredibly painful so on went the socks, and sandals. I got less strange looks with the socks than without though! 

After finally getting a pair of pumps I walked down the rest of the Champs-Élysées, got some obligatory macaroons from Ladurée to take home and down to la Place de la Concorde. All along the river.

After reaching the Musée du Louvre and wandering around Île de la Cité I wanted to hire one of the Paris Boris-type bikes but the machines weren't making, so after making friends with some Brazilians trying to do the same I headed for the Eiffel Tower as it was on the way back to the airport. I could have caught the metro, but I decided to punish my blistered feet some more and walk the rest of the way back to the Orly-Bus stop.

I think Paris is the prettiest city during the day, the buildings all just have so much character and you find little hidden areas that have been kept so well. I've been a few times now and although I think sometimes the people can be a little rude, I really like the feel of Paris as it's big like London, but not so busy.

Back at the airport I found a place that did warm comfort food which was amazing as I was freezing and then boarded my flight home to be met by my Daddy at Southampton. Although the scary man on customs freaked me out a bit!

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