Learning to Dive

 I was a very lucky girl this Christmas! The first week that Daddy was here we stayed in a place called Boulliante (Boiling in English). It right on the coast and just off from the beach is a little island called Pigeon Island. Under the water is the Jaques Costeau Reserve which is famed for being such a scenic diving destination.

Back in September when Katie and Claire were on holiday we went for a try-dive and I fell in love. I kept meaning to look into finding somewhere a bit closer to home to learn to dive but I completely ran out of time- however Daddy had a great idea, that if it was possible to achieve the level one certificate in one week that I should do so. It was, so I did.

We chose for me to do the French Certificate as it is a bit more in-depth than the PADI cert. It consisted of five dives (more if necessary) and it means I am qualified to dive to 20 metres with a dive leader.

I was definitely spoilt with the conditions and scenery. There isn't a huge amount of current here and we saw so many different fish! Huge schools of rainbow coloured fish, barracuda's, moray eel's, langouste's and turtles! (A particular favourite of mine was the little damsel fish that come to play with your hands.) They are amongst some incredible coral reefs and sea plants. It just feels like a different world down there!

It was lovely to be able to share the last two dives with Dad, although his ears gave him some problems so he didn't join me on the final dive I did (my first one no longer in training!), a wreck dive down to Le Franjack, a purposely sunk ship.

I completely fell in love with it all and I plan on starting the level two in February after I have done a few more pleasure dives to gain some more experience.

I also took Daddy and his friend, Ace, for a snorkel off to see the turtles by the beach. Neither had believed me when I told them that at Plage du Malendure you can swim out a couple of hundred meters and see turtles having a sleep or eating the sea grass. Ace has been diving for a long time and said he has never seen turtles like this when diving- let along just snorkelling!
Guadeloupe I love you.

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