Daddy Comes to Guadeloupe

Daddy decided to come out and see me for a couple of weeks over Christmas. Handy that it gave him a bit of winter sun, eh! It was also a good kind of halfway point to meet up with his childhood friend, Ace, to lives in America.

Dad arrived the day before Ace, so of course I had to take him to Sainte Anne- my favourite place here.

Unfortunately Dad's done a whole lot of travelling and has sailed around the Caribbean before. So although I still fall in love with the views here over and over again, Dad has seen clear blue waters and white sand before which meant he wasn't quite as taken as I was. Boring old sod.

After Ace arrived on the Saturday afternoon I was officially on holiday and we headed over to Bouillante, where we were staying for the first week of their visit. It was an amazing view from the apartment looking over Pigeon Islands with the Costeau Reserve under the water.

 The beach is called Plage du Malendure and is where you can swim out to snorkel and see turtles. It's also the best place for a sunset at this time of year.
Daddy and I had fun taking selfies with the GoPro!

 I was still finding it very surreal that I was on a deserted beach in 30 degree temperatures in the middle of December...

 We caught another amazing sunset with no clouds before going out for one of the best meals I've had in the Caribbean!

 I had Lion Fish with an amazing sauce while Ace had a traditional Guadeloupian Chicken Columbo and Dad had some other type of fish with balsamic vegetables and parmesan.

They all came with a mixture of local accompaniments- sweet potato puree, Caribbean Rice, squash and seaweed. It was good!

 The dessert looked incredible- homemade Nutella fondant with marshmallows. But made you feel a bit sick and we ended up having to take the marshmallows home as I kept putting the tealight out trying to toast them...
 Before leaving we found these Langouste's in the tank. I tried to play with them but they weren't really very friendly!

 Dad and I went on a nice walk along the coast. We got lucky with the weather as it was an overcast day with quite a good breeze. It was fun to explore but the path was so illogical and we felt like we were just going up and down and up and down- a lot of walking without actually getting very far.

 There was a man selling freshly caught tuna so we got a kilo and Dad made some steaks which were alright.. but my Tartar is definitely the best!
 Dad and I went on another little walk down to a waterfall and I decided it was a clever idea to jump in the freezing water....

 On our last day on Basse Terre we down to Vieux Fort, one of my favourite places in Guadeloupe as you can jump off the rocks. An amazing adrenaline rush and something I would have never done before!

After settling Dad and Ace into their new apartment, on the day before the Christmas holiday's started for my boys, we went down to Saint Fran├žois and Point des Chateaux. There was some amazing mural left on the beach made from local flowers and fruits that just looked too pretty!

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